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As a human being we makes mistakes. We will make mistakes, and we need to know how to fix them when that happens. There is a salah in Islam called al istikhara. It will help solve a situation that bothers you right now. Writing this article because I have a situation where I made a big mistake. Salat kafarah performed by me, but it hasn’t solved my problem, and I still feel guilty about what I have done. then I start to do some research and found a lesson on Islamic studies that teaches us how to make dua through salat al istikhara. Apny tamam masil k hal k liy aiy or hum sa istikhara Dua karwaiy. istikhara dua in usa. istikhara dua in Uk

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salat al istikhara

What is Salat Al Istikhara

Salat al-Istikhaara (Arabic: صلاة الاستخارة‎, “the prayer for guidance”) is a prayer. That is recited by Muslims when in need of guidance on an issue in their life. It is a two-rak’ah prayer performed to completion (i.e., including taslim) followed by a supplication. And it consists of at least three but not more than seven du’a. We offer salat al Istikhara services in UK, USA, Canada and also in the global world.

Agr ap   Professor Zakir sa Salat al Istikhara karwana chahty hain to es Number py Contact krin  +92 300 3479555

Purposes of Salat al Istikhara

Salat al Istikhara mukhtalif Qism k Maqaasid k liy aada jati hai. Jesy k, 

  • Be_ olaadi k liy Dua
  • Business m Tarki k liy Dua
  • Exams m pass hony k liy Dua
  • Hafiza ko mazboot krny k liy Dua
  •  Buri Nazr sa bachao k liy Dua

Aor bhot sa asy masail Jin sa ap bhot ziada parshan hain aiy Istikhara Salat karwaiy.


“O Allah, verily I seek the better [of either choice] from You, by Your knowledge, and I seek ability from You, by Your power, and I ask You from Your immense bounty. For indeed You have power, and I am powerless; You have knowledge and I know not; You are the Knower of the unseen realms. O Allah, if You know that this matter is good for me with regard to my religion, my livelihood and the end of my affair then decree it for me, facilitate it for me, and grant me blessing in it. And if You know that this matter is not good for me with regard to my religion, my livelihood and the end of my affair then turn it away from me and me from it; and decree for me better than it, wherever it may be, and make me content with it.”

common misconceptions about online istikhara

1: Istikhara is a prayer in matters of marriage
2: The signs come in the form of dreams
3: A sinful person must ask a pious person to perform the prayer on his behalf
4: Istikhara is only for the big decisions, not small matters

کیا! آپ آن لائن استخارہ کروانا چاہتے ہیں؟

Let us know some more about istikhara dream. Dreams after istikhara do not reveal exact knowledge of what you should do. Instead, you get to know about some signs after the dream. Simply Cotact Us.