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Expert and well known scholar for the solutions of any kind of problem by istikhara. Dealing all the persons related to any religion. Our service is to serve the humanity for better life.

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  can help you to solve your problems with Love, Marriage, Children, Business, Health & Wealth and Carrier.

روحانی معالج اور قرآنی عملیات

خدا نے روحانی معالجے کا تحفہ دیا – روحانی اسکالر پروفیسر محمد ذاکر آپ کو محبت ، من پسند ،اوللد کی نافرمانی ، گھریلو جھگڑے ، بچوں ، کاروبار اور کیریئر سے اپنے مسائل حل کرنے میں مدد کرسکتا ہے

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If you are looking for your perfect partner than keep in touch with I am saying it after my experience. My first trial was free.
Waqar Char
Black magic is a worst thing. It is an evil. Sometimes people around you could not bear the success of yourself. They try bad things . You feel some shocks and spells. But right solution is not in hand of doctors . Professor Muhammad Zakir is best spirtual healer and astrologer.
Abu Bakr
Choosing a right business is very difficult but if you find someone who guides you in well mannered way than you win the race. I highly recommend
Marwa Haqani
A family is the relation between husband and wife. But if the matters are not good than this relation is going to wrong side. Disappointment becomes part of your life until you find the right solution.
Christina Sohail

Our Services

Black Magic Removal

The dua for the protection of meat to crub its effects as soon as you start reading the dua. The dua for black magic removal is powerful enough to negate even the darkest of the black magic.

Online Istikhara

Under online istikhara department daily thousands of istikhara’s are performed. By phone call all the issues are listened than resolved their problems.

rohani ilaj

Get Your EX Back

Dua To Get My Love Back. Are you wishing to get loved? Sure, Everyone of us wants to be loved and care from their naear and dear ones. It makes us feel important and special at the same time.

Rohani Ilaj

If you are facing problem in health, business, Education,  Success, Love Marriage, and all matters which are face. We give the best solution of your all problems.


For the need of happy life, People moves to price bound, lottery, etc., now all thing get trend against price bound and lottery. For success, Call now for istikhara.


Love marriage

Marriage is the strength between man and woman. If someone find his love in his life than it is a big achievement . 

What they don't do is perfect. Beware of people who are deceiving you. Contact us once. Insha'Allah, you will see your deer succeed. Then there will be people in this world who say. Yes, they do. In case of any kind of problem, consult with us. Inshallah, all the bad things will not happen. Make a phone call and find a solution to your problem.

Why Choose Us?

Islamic astrologer and Scholar Muhammad Zakir provides the perfect environment to save life and live according to your dreams and wishes.

Our astrologer finds peace in serving the people who are in trouble. It’s great pleasure for us that people find our work satisfactory. All the efforts are devoted in making the the life of people quite easier and happier. We strive to help the maximum number of our brothers and sisters, They comes to us for aid. We offer a trustworthy and satisfying platform where one can find the best solution with the help of Qurani ilaj, islamic wazaif, amliyat, dua and offering prayers.

5 Pillers In Islam

1. There is no God except Allah.
2. Say your Prayers 5 time a day.
3. Keep fasting in Ramadhan.
4.Give some amount to poor what you earn.
5. Offer Hajj if you have the resource one time in your life.

istikharalive online istikhara

کیا! آپ کی زندگی میں مسائل درپیش ہیں؟

Khuda k deay gaey ilm se

har mazhab k log kamyabi hasil kar skty hain

Na kami ko smjh lainay sy halaat kbhi nhi badal skty

If you are fed up with life and seeking no path of survive than don’t think you have no path to survive just contact istiharalive to get your probklems solved. I am one who was affected in court issue but i’m survived after great guidance