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Evil Eye Protection

“Evil Eye protection” yanhi buri nazr sa bacho ajkl bhot mushkil hai.  “nazr e badh” ko English main “Evil Eye” khty han.   agr ap Buri Nazr sa parshan hain or Nazr e badh k asarat sa bachna chahty hain to apni parshani hum sa share kejiy. Professor Zakir  ap k tamam masail ka hal peesh karin gy Islamic Treka sa. apko sirf humyin contact krna hai aor apni parshani btani hai. Es number py rabta karin or Buri Nazr ka toor talash krin.

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evil eye protection

What is Evil Eye

Evil eye is a belief common in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilizations. It refers to a malicious glare that causes harm. Usually by bringing bad luck, illness, or injury to people or animals on the receiving end. The belief is that evil comes from jealous or unhappy people who cast spells with their eyes. Although there are cultural differences in how the evil eye manifests and how it happens. It all comes down to glare with power. 

What is Evil Eye Meaning?

There is an ancient superstition about a “look” or “stare”. that brings bad luck and misfortune to the person at whom it is directed. This belief has been in existence since the 1870’s. According to one belief there is a department of hell named “Akdasjik”. where all evil people go after they die.

How to protect from Evil Eye in Quran

The Verse of Evil Eye (Arabic: آیه وَإِن يَكَادُ) is verse 51 and 52 of Al-Qalam (Q68:51-52) in the Quran. It is usually recited for protection from the evil eye. It states: “And indeed, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes. When they hear the message, and they say: Indeed, he is mad.

common misconceptions about online istikhara

1 Istikhara is a prayer in matters of marriage
2 signs come in the form of dreams
3 sinful person must ask a pious person to perform the prayer on his behalf
4 is only for the big decisions, not small matters

evil eye

کیا! آپ آن لائن استخارہ کروانا چاہتے ہیں؟

Let us know some more about istikhara dream. Dreams after istikhara do not reveal exact knowledge of what you should do. Instead, you get to know about some signs after the dream. Simply Cotact Us.